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Early History of Powered Scooters - the Autoped
The Autoped was the first mass produced scooter, manufactured between 1915 and 1922. Powered by a 155cc engine, with a top speed of 25 mph and a claimed range over 125 miles.
Price for Lithium-ion Batteries Continues to Fall
Good news for all types of electric vehicles including electric scooters and e-bikes; the price for their power source lithium-ion batteries continues to fall.
London e-scooter trial
Plans for the UK’s largest trial of e-scooters have been unveiled by Transport for London (TfL).
Low Traffic Neighbourhood: Video Evidence

Video on why low traffic neighbourhoods are being rolled out across London.

Survey of e-scooter users in Vienna
A recent study from Vienna looks into the socio-economic profiles and usage patterns of e-scooter users.
Report argues for governments to stop subsidising motoring
A report by “Transport for Under Two Degrees” puts the case for governments to stop subsidising motoring & focus on promoting cycling & walking.
Pavement Parking: Options for change
The mentality in the UK is that the car is king and we must do everything to make sure we don’t disrupt the flow of traffic. This needs change.
E-scooters and e-bikes come out top in environmental report on urban transportation
Report from the International Transport Forum regarding the climate impact of personal & shared e-scooters.