Introducing the Tenways AGO-T mid-drive electric bike

Tenways are not a company to stand still. First there was the CGO600 with its sleek lines and integrated battery. The public couldn't get enough of these, affordable, commuter style e-bikes with their Gates carbon belt drive providing a clean and maintenance free riding experience.

Tenways then launched the CGO800s, with its step-through frame and front suspension the CGO800s was a popular choice for those looking for a more upright and comfortable riding position. 

So where next? Well the Tenways AGO-T of course. Aimed at those who want a CGO800s but with even more flexibility as to where they can take their bikes. The AGO-T still has the popular step-through design, front suspension and the clean, maintenance free Gates drive system. But where the AGO-T differs to the CGO800s is that the AGO-T now has a Bafang M420 mid-drive motor pumping out 80Nm of torque for enhanced off-road capabilities. The AGO-T also has Enviola internal gearing, so those looking to use their e-bike on hilly routes now have the gearing to get up those hills. 

Want to know more then visit the Tenways AGO-T product page

Key Features for the Tenways AGO-T: hydraulic front and rear brakes, removable 14Ah, 504Wh battery, torque sensor, front suspension

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