Introducing TENWAYS CGO600 electric bike

The TENWAYS CGO600 is a single-speed, belt driven commuter electric bike. Take a hard look as you'd be hard pressed to pick out the fact that this is in fact an electric bike. 

Pictures don't do this e-bike justice - this is one of the best looking electric bikes we've seen. Designed by the TENWAYS team in the Netherlands the CGO600 is available in a range of colour and size options. 

TENWAYS CGO600 electric bike in sky blue

Designed for commuting; and they know a bit about commuting by bike in the Netherlands the TENWAYS CGO600 is lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 15kg. Being a commuter bike TENWAYS have decided to go with the Gates carbon belt drive for a clean, maintenance free (and oily chain free) drive option.

There are cheaper electric bikes out there but when you compare specification and components (such as hydraulic rather than mechanical disc brakes) and the fact that the TENWAYS have a UK dealer network you soon realise that the TENWAYS CGO600 is competitively price, especially compared to the similar specification Cowboy 3 bike.

Being a single speed bike the CG600 is targeted at commuters rather than those looking for a "go anywhere" bike as you have to work to get the speed up rather than relying on clicking through gears.

TENWAYS CGO600 electric bike in arctic blue

The torque sensor, as opposed to a the cheaper option of a cadence sensor allows for a smooth delivery of power. The sensor determines the amount of power to be delivered from the rear hub motor based on the riders peddling power.

The TENWAYS CGO600 has 3 assist levels, or the assistance can be turned off totally and the bike can then be ridden as a conventional bike.

For full details visit: TENWAYS CGO600 electric bike

Tenways CGO600 Specification Chart

  • Motor: 36V 250W (40Nm), rear hub motor
  • Max Speed: Assisted Motor Speed: 15.5mph, 25 km/h (UK)
  • OLED display showing battery power, mode, speed, range, trip + odometer
  • Frame & Forks: 6061 aluminium
  • Weight: approx 15kg
  • Frame sizes: Medium and Large
  • Wheel Size: 700C
  • Drivetrain: Gates Carbon Drive CDX
  • Brakes: Hydraulic discs
  • Lights: LED Front, rear LED rechargeable
  • Battery Type: Fully integrated, 36V | 7Ah | 252Wh 
  • Distance: 43-80 miles (70-130km)
  • Charge Time: Approx 2.5 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years frame / 2 years other components


  • Matt (Horizon Micromobility)

    TENWAYS ebikes were previously only shipped from Europe but we now have stock so bikes shipped from UK or available for collection. QR code for app is available on seatpost and/or on box.

  • Ian

    Boxed really well considering it came from Europe to the UK took about 12 days to arrive, had to pay 20% extra for VAT as the UK is outside the EU however this gets refunded back.
    Easy to set up the bike accept there was no frame QR code/frame number, so spent a couple days explaining to support that I couldn’t register it however Silvia came to the rescue & sorted it out.
    I’m 6ft 3 inch tall & the large frame size is great fit.
    Looks good
    Ease of use
    Smooth power delivery
    Set up
    Not having to remove battery
    Low maintenance
    Great for commuting
    Support team
    Good price
    Matt paint can mark easily
    Rear light has to be charged separately
    Belt drive limits top speed as you can only pedal so fast almost wants another gear in manual mode.

    I would recommend this this bike but do your research & work out what you are going to use your bike for & the terrain you are going to cover 😉

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