Report argues for governments to stop subsidising motoring

A new report by the “Transport for Under Two Degrees” project puts the case for governments to stop subsidising motoring and focus on promoting cycling, walking and building cycleways as well as public transport.

The project commissioned by Germany’s Foreign Office to develop global recommendations that promote a sustainable climate-friendly transport sector. 

Details on the project can be found here:

In Summary the report states:

  • That personal car use in cities is simply not a viable option in the future
  • Legislation needs to be introduced to remove cars from urban use
  • Buses, trams and street cars need to be reintroduced
  • The report mentions that AV (autonomous vehicles) aren’t  the answer as they are likely to increase urban sprawl and transport volumes 
  • Taxes will need to be raised to fund the changes
  • The phase out of petrol and diesel vehicles needs to be accelerated
  • Cites need to reduce space for cars and even ban altogether
  • The experts welcomed that some cities have already started to reduce space for cars on both road and in available parking spaces 

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