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Details of cycle to work schemes we accept

Once you have decided on your e-bike and accessories please contact us for a quote. Please note that quoted price would normally be based on the RRP price so before any discounts or sale prices have been applied.

green commute initiative

Green Commute Initiative is the industry-leading and award-winning Cycle to Work Scheme provider
with no spend limits and no ownership fees. You can save from 32-47% (depending on your tax rate).
Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest with payment periods ranging from 3 to 60
months. Get any type of cycle through GCI and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving
your health, fitness and mental wellbeing. When more people cycle for short journeys, everyone wins.

green commute initiative
green commute initiative
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Cycle Solutions are fully approved providers of the Cycle to Work Scheme, making it easy for employers to deliver the benefit to those within their organisation. Giving employees a cost-effective way of acquiring tax-free bikes and accessories through the company they work for, without any upfront costs, the government backed initiative operates all over the UK. As one of the most popular workplace benefits available, the Cycle to Work Scheme is helping people pedal their way to a healthier lifestyle that’s good for the planet.

Want to know more then download the FAQ or visit the Cycle Solutions website