Laka bike insurance with Horizon Micromobility

We're pleased to partner with Laka to provide 60 days of free insurance*. You may be sceptical about insurance but Laka do things differently.....

  • there are no tricks
  • you're not tied in to a contract, start and stop as you please
  • no excess: customers aren't charged when making a claim
  • no no claims bonus: so no increase in premiums if claimed
  • they're not difficult when you come to claim
  • and the best bit are the prices, we're sure you'll fine them more affordable then you may have thought
  • Visit and enter code HORIZON to claim 

laka e-bike insurance

Introducing Laka Pro and Laka Core
Laka have two types of cover to insure bikes and accessories, one that includes accidental damage and theft and another which is a theft only product.
Laka want to give customers choice and the perfect product for them - sign up, cancel anytime and no funky fine print - what more could you ask for?
Laka Pro & Laka Core both offer no excess, zero depreciation, flexible cover and have access to Laka's super speedy 5* claims team, who know all things bike.
  • Laka Core gives you peace of mind whether at home or on the go, providing theft cover for your bike and accessories. Third party liability is included in case you damage someone else's property or injure them and bike rental for whilst we are getting your claim settled.
  • Laka Pro, not only includes theft, it has you covered whether it’s a traffic accident, race crash, or even damage in transit by a third party. You’re also covered for any accidental damage to your bike and accessories and your gear is covered globally for up to 120 consecutive days. One final thing, if an airline or courier loses your bike or gear – yup, you’re covered with Laka.
You can find out more about the two new types of cover here.
Care vs Pro
These are estimated, as monthly premiums vary depending on claims volumes, but it gives you an idea on how much Laka Core costs. Please check the online quoting tool in the above link for a more accurate cost for you customers.
Example Prices
Laka insurance price examples

 * Offer may change