Bosch e-bike LED remote

Bosch Smart System LED Remote (BRC3600)

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Bosch e-bike LED Remote (BRC3600)


Also available: LED Remote protective cover

The LED Remote control unit connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app and is the control centre of the smart system. It allows eBikers to access all important riding data via their smartphone, it can be operated intuitively and the ergonomic design means that all buttons can be reached with the thumb, so that both hands always remain safely on the handlebar. The LED display automatically adjusts to the ambient light, remains very easy to read in sunlight and does not cause a distraction in the dark.

For fewer distractions and more safety. All important information can be captured easily and quickly thanks to the LED Remote. The LEDs are also very easy to see in sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light. This means that legibility is maintained even in changing light conditions and that eBikers are never dazzled. The user also quickly recognises the selected riding mode, which is indicated by the respective colour.

More flexibility, comfort, and safety for eBikers: The LED Remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This way, eBikers can call up all important cycling data such as the duration of the ride or the distance travelled via smartphone and share it with other users. It is also possible to carry out software updates independently.

Even on steep paths when riding is no longer possible, the eBike can be pushed more easily with the help of Walk Assist: Press the button, move the eBike, and feel the support. The LED remote also serves as a 'guide' and facilitates operation for the eBiker. Walk Assist is especially helpful when eMountain biking in difficult terrain.

The LED remote can be individually adjusted to the eBiker and, in addition to an attractive design, offers optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation. It is attached to the handlebars so that all buttons can be reached and operated perfectly with the thumb — for more cycling pleasure in everyday life, during leisure time or when travelling.

Reach your destination more safely and sustainably: Thanks to the long-life battery of the LED remote, you can rely on the control centre on every eBike ride. If the battery does need to be replaced, it can easily be performed by a specialist dealer.

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  • Hi I have cube performance reaction hybrid ebike 2022. BOSCH E-BIKE LED REMOTE can be fix it to my bike? Thanks

    Hi - yes it should fit. If you send us the exact model of you bike we can check.

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