Bosch Powermore range extender
Bosch Powermore range extender
Bosch powermore range extender

Bosch PowerMore 250 Range Extender Bosch Smartsystem

Part Number: EB1210005G

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The Bosch PowerMore 250 is the additional drinks-bottle-sized battery for even more range and longer-lasting trail fun. Only suitable for Bosch SmartSystem eBikes.

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Before purchasing the PowerMore you need to:
  • check with manufacturer that your eBike is compatible or
  • check with Bosch diagnostics software that system is Powermore ready 
  • and confirm eBike has PowerMore ready charging socket
  • purchase the correct PowerMore cable

Not sure what length cable is required? The PowerMore is mounted on the water bottle mounting points. Measure from where the PowerMore will be fixed, and where the cable will exit (from the bottom of the PowerMore) to the charging port on your bike. Remembering that the cable will be routed so allow a little extra for this. 

PowerMore can only be used if a manufacturer's approval has been granted for the eBike in question, otherwise the battery pack cannot be operated.

You can check whether the corresponding approval is available via the display or the Flow app.

  • Only compatible with Bosch SmartSystem, read below for info on how to check compatibility.
  • Does not include a connecting cable for the charging port. You need to order this separately.
  • By ordering this item you have confirmed that you have read the product description, have checked with your e-bike manufacture that the PowerMore is compatible and understand that once opened refunds are not available 

Introducing the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery for eBikes - Your Ticket to Limitless Adventures!

Are you tired of worrying about your eBike's battery running out of juice during your longer rides? Look no further, because Bosch has your back with the PowerMore Range Extender Battery, a revolutionary addition to the Bosch Smartsystem. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to boundless exploration with this cutting-edge eBike battery solution.

Key Features:
1. Extended Range: The Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery provides a substantial boost to your eBike's range. With its impressive capacity, you can now travel further than ever before, unlocking new destinations and adventures.

2. Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for Bosch eBike systems, the PowerMore battery seamlessly integrates with your existing Smartsystem setup. Its sleek and compact design ensures a clean look and optimal weight distribution, enhancing your overall riding experience.

3. Enhanced Performance: This powerful lithium-ion battery ensures consistent performance throughout your ride. Whether you're climbing steep hills, cruising along flat terrain, or tackling challenging off-road trails, the PowerMore keeps you going, providing a reliable and sustained power output.

4. Quick and Easy Installation: Installing the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery is a breeze. It connects effortlessly to your eBike's existing charging port, and you'll be ready to roll in no time. No complex tools or technical know-how required.

5. Battery Management: Bosch's renowned Battery Management System (BMS) is integrated into the PowerMore, ensuring your battery's longevity and safety. The BMS actively monitors cell status and temperature, preventing overcharging and discharging, thus extending the lifespan of your investment.

6. LED Display: Stay informed about your battery's status with the handy LED display on the PowerMore allowing you to keep track of your remaining power..

7. Weatherproof Design: The PowerMore Range Extender Battery is built to withstand the elements, thanks to its robust and weatherproof construction. Ride with confidence, no matter the conditions.

8. Versatile Compatibility: This battery extender is compatible with a range of Bosch eBike's running the Bosch Smartsystem, check with manufacturer for compatibility.

The Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery redefines eBiking by eliminating the fear of running out of battery power. Now you can embark on epic journeys, explore remote trails, and take your eBike adventures to the next level. Don't let range limitations hold you back; equip your eBike with the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery and power your freedom!

Unleash the full potential of your eBike with the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender Battery. Get ready to redefine your eBike adventures – explore more, worry less!

Can I retrofit PowerMore 250?

PowerMore 250 can generally be ordered as a retrofit product. You also need a cable, which must be ordered separately. You can find out the correct cable length from your eBike manufacturer. The PowerMore would typically be mounted on the eBike down tube. There are 2 cables types, available in various lengths depending on where the charging port is on your eBike. The cable can exit the connector and either go "up" or "down." If in doubt contact your eBike manufacturer.

You can find out whether you can retrofit the PowerMore 250 additional battery to your eBike from your eBike manufacturer or via the eBike Flow app (  Settings > My eBike > Components). If you use an eBike display, you can find out via Settings > My eBike: If the menu item "PowerMore" is displayed here, you can retrofit the range extender.


  • Additional eBike battery pack
  • for Bosch Smart System electric bikes
  • compact water bottle design
  • 6.7Ah, 250Wh additional energy
  • 1.6 kg lightweight
  • Plug & Play installation


No matter where your e-bike takes you, with the PowerMore 250 battery pack in your luggage, you always have a suitable energy reserve with you when you need to go further than planned. Stowed in your backpack or pannier, the 1.6 kilograms hardly weigh anything. If your main battery starts to run out of power, simply replace your water bottle with the Bosch Range Extender. All you have to do is insert the PowerMore 250 battery into the holder and connect it to your charging socket. Then the eBike fun can continue.


Finding areas of use for the Smart System Range Extender from Bosch is really no problem. On long tours, you will never have to worry about the way home again, on the trail you will be able to climb the hill with full power even after a long day, and in the city you will quickly have an energy reserve ready if you forget to charge your eBike. But the Bosch PowerMore 250 can also prove itself on its own. On short distances, you can use the range extender without the main battery and thus benefit from the significantly lower weight of your eBike.


  • 1x Bosch PowerMore Range Extender
  • 1x PowerMore battery mount
  • 1x bottle holder
  • 2x M5x12 mounting screws
  • without connection cable


Whether your e-bike can be equipped with the Smart System Range Extender depends on various factors. In principle, all bikes with the Smart System are compatible. To ensure communication between the PowerMore 250 and your bike, you must have the latest software installed on your system. You can install this software through the Bosch eBike Flow App. Additionally, the manufacturer of your e-bike - for example, KTM - must have enabled the Range Extender option. If this is not the case, please contact a nearby Bosch specialist workshop to enable the option if possible. However, this is only feasible if your e-bike also has the necessary and stable attachments. For this, it is best to directly contact the manufacturer of your e-bike.

Why do I need an additional cable to retrofit PowerMore 250?

The external cable connects the battery to the eBike system. Because the required cable length and direction varies depending on the frame design, the cable must be ordered separately. 


Attach the PowerMore Battery Mount to the bottle holder mount. This mount remains permanently on your bike and can hold either the additional battery or the specialised bottle holder. If you want to use the PowerMore Battery, simply click it into the holder and connect the battery to your charging port. The appropriate PowerMore connection cable is not included. You have the option to choose from different lengths and cable exits based on where you intend to place your PowerMore 250.

Scope of delivery
  • 1x PowerMore 250
  • 1x PowerMore battery holder
  • 1x bottle holder
  • 2x M5x12

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