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8.5" x 2" straight valve | Xiaomi M365 | extra thick electric scooter inner tube

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8.5" x 2" extra thick, electric scooter inner tube, straight valve, no bend. Xiaomi M365 | electric scooter inner tube. (Unboxed).

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Inner Tube Guide
You will need to know the diameter, width and valve angles when looking at replacement inner tubes. If you're not sure of the dimensions check the old inner tube or the tyre as the size is normally located on the side.

The first number is the diameter while the second is width - typically measured in inches, i.e. 10" x 2.5" As the tubes stretch getting the width an exact match isn't really as important as getting the correct diameter - you won't notice any difference. 10" x 2/2.125" will fit a 10" wheel with a width of between 2" and 2.125".

The valves on inner tubes also come in different styles. For electric scooters the valve "type" will be schrader, the same as on cars. You'll also need to check if the valve has a bend in it and at what angle, check product photo for details. As inner tubes stretch if you can't get an exact match getting an angle one off is normally acceptable (i.e. 45° if you can't get 90°).

Click here for video showing how to replace inner tube

Click here for video showing how to remove wheel

Click here for video showing how to replace wheel

Or if you really don't fancy changing the tube yourself then we're also able to replace inner tubes for you.

We also recommend that you install sealant in your inner tubes to reduce the chances of a flat. Check out our YouTube channel for a demonstration video

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