Electric Bike & Electric Scooter Workshop Rates

Please note that we're only able to repair e-bikes that we supply.

We're also able to perform warranty work if the manufacturer of your e-bike requests the work carried out by professional mechanic. Contact us for details.


Example E-bike Workshop Rates

Approximate labour workshop rates - price for parts not included

  • Basic bike service: up to 60 mins: £50
  • Full bike service: up to 120 mins: £100
  • Gear & brake adjustment: up to 45 mins: £37.50
  • Cable replacement: up to 45 mins: £37.50
  • Headset or bottom bracket servicing: £30
  • Brake Bleeding: £25

Basic Service

  • Safety check of bicycle
  • Gears & brakes adjusted
  • Hubs checked and adjusted
  • Headset checked and adjusted
  • Bottom bracket checked
  • Wheels checked for trueness (in frame)
  • Tyres inflated
  • Drive-train lubed

Full Service

  • All Basic Service items
  • Full clean of bike
  • Drive-train (chainring, cassette, front & rear derailleur) cleaned, degreased, and re-fitted
  • Pedals removed, cleaned & greased
  • Wheels removed and checked for trueness (out of frame)

Please contact us for more details or to book your bike in

Please note that we're only able to repair electric scooters that we supply or re-branded versions of these scooters. Common brands such as HX, Riley scooters, Decent, TurboAnt etc.

Each electric scooter is different using different controllers, display units, motors and batteries. As we don't work with all scooter manufactures we won't have access to their support network or spares for these brands.

Please contact the manufactures or where you purchased the scooter from if we're not able to help.

Example Electric Scooter Workshop Rates

  • Inner tube replacement, wheel off scooter: £20
  • Inner tube replacement inc. removing wheel: from £35
  • Tyre replacement, wheel off scooter (pneumatic): £20
  • Tyre replacement inc. removing wheel: from £35
  • Install sealant: £10 (two inner tubes)
  • Replace motor: from £65
  • Controller replacement: from £25
  • Display replacement: from £20
  • Brake setup: £25
  • Installing brake pads: £20
  • Brake cable replacement: from £15
  • Replacement of throttle: from £20
  • Courier service to collect also available: from £20
  • Other repairs: charged at £15 per 15mins, £25 per 30mins, £45 per 60mins

Parts not included | Price for guidance only | Contact us for more details

Want to know how to repair your own e-scooter? Then check out our workshop video series.

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