Bosch Powertube battery horizontal 750Wh
Bosch Powertube battery horizontal 750Wh

Bosch PowerTube 750 horizontal battery Bosch Smarty System (BBP3770)

Part Number: EB1210000X

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Bosch e-bike PowerTube 750 horizontal battery (BBP3770) Smart System

Compatible with the smart system

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Doesn't include end plate, click here for end plate

The PowerTube 750Wh horizontal smart battery is part of the Bosch Smart System.

The battery is compatible with the 2022-23 electric bikes fitted with the Bosch Smart System.

This battery is not fitted with mounting or locking end plates. Please check before ordering.

The battery is not compatible with any eBike fitted with the Powertube 500Wh and 625Wh horizontal smart batteries. 

The flagship among rechargeable batteries: The PowerTube 750 is best suited for long distances with lots of climbing. The 750 delivers approx. 20% more range than the PowerTube 625, while fitting perfectly into the frame for a sleek, modern design.

For the highest demands in terms of performance and aesthetics: Bosch PowerTubes have the power to drive any ride and, thanks to their compact size and minimalist design, can be integrated with the eBike.

The sophisticated technology ensures carefree riding enjoyment. An additional safety catch prevents the battery from falling out, while still allowing it to be removed with ease. 

There are two versions (horizontal or vertical). 

Length: 481.3 mm Not all PowerTube batteries have the same length dimension


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