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New electric racing series Extreme E
Extreme E is coming soon, a five race global voyage, spanning four continents.
The end of petrol & diesel cars?
UK government to bring forward the ban on fossil fuel cars to 2030.
Low Traffic Neighbourhood: Video Evidence

Video on why low traffic neighbourhoods are being rolled out across London.

Survey of e-scooter users in Vienna
A recent study from Vienna looks into the socio-economic profiles and usage patterns of e-scooter users.
What are Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?
There has been a lot in the press over recent months regarding LTN. But if you’re not based in London you may not be aware of what a LTN is all about.
Pavement Parking: Options for change
The mentality in the UK is that the car is king and we must do everything to make sure we don’t disrupt the flow of traffic. This needs change.
E-scooters and e-bikes come out top in environmental report on urban transportation
Report from the International Transport Forum regarding the climate impact of personal & shared e-scooters.