SHO 500ml Water Bottle | Horizon Micromobility

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SE-scooter accessories: SHO 500ml water bottle

Okay, we know you already have a reusable water bottle and it may already have a funky design.... but we bet it doesn't have a laser engraved logo with an e-scooter on it, does it?

We've been fans of SHO water bottles for a while so it was an easy choice when we were looking for a branded water bottle. The Horizon Micromobility logo is laser etched on the opposite site to the SHO logo. Each bottle is supplied in the official SHO tube packaging.

Using SHO Vacuum Technology, this bottle will keep your drink cold all day. It can also keep tea or coffee piping hot for those icy winter mornings. It's the best of both worlds!

The bottles are crafted from premium stainless steel and coated in tough and durable powder coated paint. They are BPA Free, 100% Leak Proof and have been EU Safety Tested. 

Available in 3 colours in 500ml size. Get yours now cos when they're gone....