Weldtite Dr Sludge Puncture Protect Sealant Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter, with removable battery - horizon micromobility

Dr Sludge Puncture Protect Sealant

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Electric Scooter maintenance: sealant for your inner tubes

Possibly one of the least exciting products we sell however, easily the most useful. If you're running inner tubes in your electric scooter then adding sealant will reduce the frequency of punctures.

Sealant is a liquid that once added "lives" inside the inner tubes. Should you then get a puncture the sealant will seal the hole - preventing the air from escaping and allowing you to continue your journey without getting a flat tyre. Cyclists have been using the stuff for years and anything that prevents or reduces a flat tyre is worth it.

And it's so easy to install! It only takes minutes, watch this video: adding sealant to e-scooter inner tubes

● Lasts 3 to 9 months dependant upon conditions
● Seals holes up to 3mm in diameter

A dedicated valve tool removal tool makes the removal of the valve core a lot easier.

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