Super73 FAQ

Super73 FAQ

  • The SUPER73-ZG has a seat height of 68 cm and is suitable for riders from 1m40 to 1m80.
  • The SUPER73-ZX has a seat height of 79 cm and is suitable for riders from 1m50 to 2m.
  • The SUPER73-S2 has a seat height of 78 cm and is suitable for riders from 1m50 to 2m10.
  • The SUPER73-RX has a seat height of 81 cm and is suitable for riders from 1m60 to 2m.
  • The SUPER73-Z Miami has a seat height of 71cm and is suitable for riders from 1m40 to 1m80.

Suggested Storage Conditions

All of our e-bikes are weather resistant to minimal weather conditions. We generally advise against exposure to extreme weather conditions that may cause extra strain on the battery/motor and protect all other electrical components. We recommend storing indoors, safely away from the elements when the bike is not in use. The use of a bike cover is strongly recommended if indoor storage is not an option.

Storing your bike in a horizontal position is best. Do not store in a diagonal or vertical position where the caliper will rest in a higher position than your brake levers; doing so risks having air bubbles travel into the caliper. Air bubbles will prevent optimal braking performance.

Storing the Lithium Battery

Do not store the bike for more than 24 hours with an empty battery. This prevents a deep discharge which may permanently affect the battery's performance. Charge the battery and use the bike at least once every 90 days.

If the charger has been exposed to improper storage conditions, i.e. water submersion, safely store and dispose of your charger immediately through a proper hazardous e-waste facility. Do not attempt to use the battery.

All SUPER73 bikes come with a Pedal Assist System (PAS) which activates the motor when you pedal. 

There are two types of Pedal Assist 

  • Cadence Sensor Type, which measures if you are pedaling.
  • Torque Sensor Type, which measures how much pressure you are applying on the pedals. 

The SUPER73 Z-Miami, ZG, and ZX are equipped with a cadence sensor. The SUPER73 S2 and RX have torque sensors.

Cosmetic Differences

The Cadence sensor has a slick knob cover on the left side of the bottom bracket with an LED light that switches "ON" red when the pedals are engaged.

The Torque sensor has a ribbed knob cover on both sides, located inside the bottom bracket.

How each sensor engages PAS

The cadence sensor uses a magnet within the crank located on the bottom bracket of your SUPER73. The motor will activate when you start pedaling and deactivate when you stop pedaling. The motor can also stop assisting if the rider reaches the maximum speed of the current "mode" chosen. This sensor works more or less like a switch. 

The PAS levels (three in total, shown in blue) can only be controlled via the display on the handlebar for the ZG model with the “+” and “-” button. 

The PAS levels (four in total) on the ZX model can be switched on the display or on the Super73 app. 

cadence sensor-equipped bike will always receive maximum assistance from the start. It is important to keep in mind that for a smooth assist at a top speed, the sensor needs to continuously record movement. Meaning that pedaling faster won’t increase the amount of assistance. A constant pedal stroke, “cadence”,  will keep triggering the sensor, therefore the assist.

The torque sensor uses a precision strain gauge. It will measure the actual force put onto the pedals. The more force you use to pedal, the more the motor will assist. The maximal assist is determined by the mode and level you are in. If you pedal with lesser force, the motor assist will be low. It makes this adjustment in real time, so it is technically amplifying your input. Because it is continuously analyzing effort rather than just checking for rotation at a handful of intervals. A torque sensor is able to adjust the motor’s assistance more dynamically and intuitively. It responds proportionally to the effort you put into the pedals.

The S2 and RX models have PAS levels (four in total) that can be switched on the display or on the SUPER73 app. 

The bikes we supply have the same motors as the USA models. If you wish to ride on private land then you can set difference modes. Click here for further details.

Yes - once fitted the bike would not be UK road legal and must only be used on private land. Once throttle has been fitted connect to the Super73 app and select a different Class to unlock the true power of your Super73.