Super73 Power Class modes

By default your Super73 will be set to EU, EPAC mode. This will provide 250W of PAS power. Once connected to the Super73 app the rider can select one of the other class modes below. Once switched off the bike will revert back to default. Only the default mode is UK road legal. When using other modes rider must use bike on private land. 


  1. EPAC: 250W,  assist to 25km/h, continuous rated power (UK road legal) (default)
  2. 250W, assit to 35km/h, PAS
  3. 800W, assist to 45km/h, PAS
  4. Unlimited, throttle, PAS


  1. PAS 20mph
  2. PAS and throttle
  3. PAS 28mph
  4. Unlinted throttle