Setting Up the X7 Pro Scooter

Congratulations on your new e-scooter. There are a few steps to go through before you can use your scooter; don't worry it's really easy. Please remember to retain the box incase you need to return the scooter. 

  • Screw in the handle bar grips. The grips are "handed" so make sure you screw the correct one into the left and right sides.

  • The brake lever unit will need to be tightened to the left side of the handle bar using the supplied allen key.

  • Pump up the tyres to 35 - 40 PSI. The tyres will need to be regularly checked (weekly). Using you scooter with low tyre pressure will increase puncture risk as well as damage the tyre and wheels.

  • Lift up the stem and lock in place using the clip. To get started riding, fold up the scooter and lock it into place using the lever and rotate the clip to secure it.

  • Your scooter is now ready to go. There will be a limited power in the battery so don't forget to top it up to capacity.

For other hints and tips please visit the FAQ page and the Maintenance pages.