HX X9 Specification Chart

The X9 is available in various battery and motor combinations and available in grey or white versions. 
Tested Range: Low speed setting, with full battery, 75kg load on a flat, dry road. Actual results will vary.
Model HX X9 HX X9 Plus HX X9 Max HX X9 Pro Max
Colour Orange Black Black Black
Distance Range* 22-28miles, 35-45km 38-44miles, 60-70km 56-63miles, 90-100km 56-63miles, 90-100km
Maximum Speed *22-25mph | 35-40km/h
Suspension No
Motor Power 850W peak, 500W average 1,100W peak, 550W average
Battery Watt-hours (click for details) 375Wh 560Wh 750Wh 750Wh
Battery Voltage 36V 36V 36V 48V
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah 15.6Ah 20.8Ah 15.6Ah
Climbing Angle 20° 20° 20° 25°
Output Current | Voltage 2.0A | 42V 2.0A | 42V 2.0A | 42V 2.0A | 54V
Charging Time 5-6hrs 8-9hrs
Maximum Load 100kg-120kg (100kg ideal)
Brake Disk front & rear, EABS front, foot (fender brake)
Dimensions: unfolded 111x50x12cm
Dimensions: folded 111x50x54cm
(box: 115x58x22cm)
Footplate Width 18.3cm
Weight 21.9kg
(boxed: 25.4kg)
(boxed: 25.8kg)
(boxed: 26.7kg)
(boxed: 26.6kg)
Tyres 10" x 2.7"
Lights Front & Rear
Cruise Control Yes
* lowest speed setting, flat road, dry conditions, continuous use. Real world conditions (i.e. stop/start) on fastest speed setting on undulating road typically 50-60% of manufacture's figures. Max speeds are guide only, max speed depends on road, rider, battery, weather etc.