Ares, Lyssa & Skiron FAQs

All bikes are sold with a battery - it's integrated in the frame for a clean, sleek look.

You can compare the specifications on the individual specification pages.

However the main differences are a pannier rack on the Ares & Lyssa.

A step through frame on the Lyssa.

The Skiron has flat handle bars & 9 gears so is more "sporty."

While the Uranos is a foldable e-bike.

We deliver UK wide.
We're also able to offer a personalised delivery & assembly option where we deliver, setup the bike & take away the packaging for you. Click here for further details

Don't worry, no technical or bike mechanics degree is needed to assemble your new e-bike.
1. Remove bike & contents from the box. Please keep all packaging incase you need to return the bike.

2. Loosen the handlebar mounting bolts and secure the handle bar. Tighten a bolt as few turn then tighten the diagonal screw, repeat for the other diagonal screws, then go back to tighten the original screws.

3. Rotate the brake levers/shifts into position and tighten.

4. Fit pedals. Note that left pedal is reverse thread so turn anti-clockwise to tighten.

5. Adjust saddle height to suit rider. If required adjust saddle so that it's horizontal and not tilting.

6. Charge the battery & then go for a ride.

Yes. As these are pedal assist, so the rider needs to pedal so that the motor provides assistance you can ride these e-bikes anywhere a conventional bike can be ridden including roads, cycle paths & cycle lanes.

Assistance from the motor is up to 25km/h, 15.5mph. If you wish to go faster then it's by pedalling only.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

No! The bikes are classed the same as a pedal bicycle.

Yes. For the UK (except NI) you need to be 14 or older to ride an e-bike on the road. For NI you need to register, tax and insure e-bikes as they are classed the same as mopeds.

Yes! With no motor assistance the bike behaves like a conventional bike & you can pedal normally.

We've a whole page on battery maintenance. To get the most out of your battery visit the page

We've written an article on how e-bike work & the various components that go into an e-bike. Click here for further details

You need new mates! 😀 Any bike that gets more people outside and out of a car is okay in our books.

Once unpacked you will need an Allen key/hex key to mount fix the handle bars to the stem and to tighten the pedals. You will also need to add the front wheel and pump up the tyres.
Click here for further details on how to assemble your new e-bike. But don't forget if you get stuck we're here to assist.

We've a dedicated page on how to assemble the EBFEC Ares electric bike.