Ares, Lyssa & Skiron FAQs

All bikes are sold with a battery - it's integrated in the frame for a clean, sleek look.

You can compare the specifications on the individual specification pages.

However the main differences are a pannier rack on the Ares & Lyssa.

A step through frame on the Lyssa.

The Skiron has flat handle bars & 9 gears so is more "sporty."

While the Uranos is a foldable e-bike.

We deliver UK wide.
We're also able to offer a personalised delivery & assembly option where we deliver, setup the bike & take away the packaging for you. Click here for further details

Don't worry, no technical or bike mechanics degree is needed to assemble your new e-bike.
1. Remove bike & contents from the box. Please keep all packaging incase you need to return the bike.

2. Loosen the handlebar mounting bolts and secure the handle bar. Tighten a bolt as few turn then tighten the diagonal screw, repeat for the other diagonal screws, then go back to tighten the original screws.

3. Rotate the brake levers/shifts into position and tighten.

4. Fit pedals. Note that left pedal is reverse thread so turn anti-clockwise to tighten.

5. Adjust saddle height to suit rider. If required adjust saddle so that it's horizontal and not tilting.

6. Charge the battery & then go for a ride.

Yes. As these are pedal assist, so the rider needs to pedal so that the motor provides assistance you can ride these e-bikes anywhere a conventional bike can be ridden including roads, cycle paths & cycle lanes.

Assistance from the motor is up to 25km/h, 15.5mph. If you wish to go faster then it's by pedalling only.

No! The bikes are

Yes. For the UK (except NI) you need to be 14 or older to ride an e-bike on the road. For NI you need to register, tax and insure e-bikes as they are classed the same as mopeds.

Yes! With no motor assistance the bike behaves like a conventional bike & you can pedal normally.

We've a whole page on battery maintenance. To get the most out of your battery visit the page

We've written an article on how e-bike work & the various components that go into an e-bike. Click here for further details

You need new mates! 😀 Any bike that gets more people outside and out of a car is okay in our books.