Economic One Smart

Ride on the smart side
Smart app to future-proof your e-bike; GPS, alarm and location functionality
• Always know where your bike is with GPS tracking and live location
• Lock and unlock your e-bike with your mobile via the Econic One Smart app

 • Activate the anti-theft alarm and get an instant notification if someone touches your bike

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econic one smart app

Location & GPS

Location & GPS integrated in the bike. Locate your bike, anytime, anywhere

Track your rides
Keep track of your trips, average speed and distance travelled

Locate your bike: forgot where you left your bike? Or your bike has gone missing? The live location will help you locate your bike

Smart Lock

Save time looking where to lock your bike - just tap on the lock button to lock your bike

Anti-Theft Alarm

Have the security of the ear piercing 110dB alarm in case anyone touches your bike

Take immediate action, get instant app notifications if your bike is being moved while locked and see its current location

FriendS Sharing

Share your bike wherever you are. You can let your friends use your Econic One wherever you are. Just send them an invitation via the app

Even when someone else is using your bike, you can still keep a smart eye on it! You can track and locate it and receive alarm notifications