London e-scooter trial

⭐️ The e-scooter 🛴 boom continues
⭐️ London trials will be the largest in the UK 🇬🇧
⭐️ Will this speed up the legalisation of private scooters for road use? 🤔

Plans for the UK’s largest trial of e-scooters have been unveiled by Transport for London (TfL). TfL have announced that a third of London’s boroughs have shown an interest in a year long trial expected to start in early 2021. A competition has been launched to select up to three companies to run the scheme. The e-scooters will be allowed on roads and cycleways but not on pavements.

Technology will be used to reduce the scooter’s speed from 15.5 mph to 8 mph in certain areas. The technology will also force the scooters a stop if they go out of the trial area; so hopefully no more scooters will be reported on the the UK motorway network!

TfL expects between 60 and 150 e-scooters per borough to be in the trials and each individual borough will provide the e-scooter parking zones, the go slow areas and the trial zones.

Companies who are already running rental schemes in other parts of the UK have all expressed an interest in taking part in the scheme. Private e-scooter owners hope that this is another step to making private e-scooter legal on UK roads.

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