Give your electric scooter some love

  • Fed up with lockdown?
  • Caught up on Netflix?
  • Bored and wondering what to do next?

Then give your electric scooter some love.

Lockdown is a great opportunity to check over your electric scooter so that once the weather warms up and lockdown has ended it will be in tip-top condition.

If you normally just park up, charge up and leave your scooter until the next time you need it then it's about time you went through our quick tips.

  • Clean your Scooter
    We don't mean take it down the the local garage and jet wash it to death as this is the best way to make sure you'll be needing a new scooter. Water and electrics don't mix! So wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Battery Maintenance
    Charge your battery. Electric scooter batteries don't like to be drained completely so make sure it's regularly charged when your scooter is not being used for extended periods. Further details on batteries and battery maintenance can be found here
  • Tyres
    Make sure the tyres are pumped up to the recommend PSI. Also check around the tyre for debris such a small stones and glass and prise out any foreign objects. Over time these will work their way through the tyre resulting in a puncture. If you haven't done so already add some inner-tube sealant into the tyres. It's cheap, takes minutes to install and will help prevent getting a puncture. Watch this video if you're not sure what the process involves. 
  • Brakes
    Check your brake pads aren't worn, replace if required. Also make sure the brake caliper is parallel to the disc, adjust if you hear a rubbing sound. 
  • Lights
    Check front and rear lights as well as brake lights are functioning. 
  • Nuts and Bolts
    Check any nuts and bolts haven't become loose.

If there are any regular checks you perform on your scooter that we have omitted then please let us know.

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