EBFEC Ares commuter bike video overview

Get a close up view of the EBFEC Ares commuter style electric bike.


The EBFEC Ares electric bike is a commuter style electric bike targeted at those who want to commute to work, avoid the traffic jams, avoid the costs and crowds of public transport and those who are also looking for an electric bike for the trip to the local shops.

If you're looking for an affordable, sleek looking electric bike that ticks all these requirements the the Ares is for you.

The EBFEC Ares is powered by a rear hub motor that provides power assistance up to the UK legal limit of 25km/h (15.5mph).

The integrated (removable) 36V, 7Ah, 250Wh Samsung, LG or Panasonic battery provides enough power to give an impressive 50-70km, (30-45 miles) range. 

With integrated cables and a range of colours the stylish Ares will put a smile on any rider's face.

The Ares is manufactured in Europe, in a modern, purpose built facility. 

Full specification available here

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