Turboant e-scooters

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Established in 2014 with over 200 employees e-scooter manufacturer Turboant are one of the world's largest electric scooter manufacturers. Until recently they’ve been supplying e-scooters for the OEM market and are now selling direct.

Based in Shenzhen, China's "Silicon Valley," with over 15,000 tech companies Turboant are in a prime location for an electric scooter manufacturing base.

Turboant adhere to ISO9000, ISO9001 as well as quality and safety certificates including CE, RoHS, FCC and UL.

What’s with the name Turboant?

Ant - for compact. One unique feature of Turboant’s electric scooters is their ability to fold into a compact size, this is achieved by having a removable battery located in the e-scooter's stem rather than the foot plate.

Turbo - with a torquey 350W motor you'll soon understand why "turbo."

The latest X7 Pro e-scooter is an improved and updated version of the X7 scooterIn order to smooth out the ride the tyres have been upgraded to 10” pneumatic tyres. The removable battery has been boosted to 10Ah increasing the range of the scooter to around 28miles, (45km).