Scooter Motors - an explanation

Electric scooters are powered by the motor, this is normally, but not always located in the front wheel making the electric scooter front wheel drive. The motor together with the battery determines how your scooter performs - how fast it will go, how well it climbs hills and how the power from the battery is consumed. The battery and the motor need to be matched, there is no point having the largest battery if the motor is so low powered you are overtaken by a snail!

Electric scooter motors use a brushless technology, this is a newer type of motor that doesn’t use physical contacts or brushes to power the motor. There are a number of advantages to a brushless motor over the brushed type:-

● no bushes to wear out due to friction

● more efficient

● quieter

● lighter

● longer lifespan

Electric motors are rated in Watts and, as we all remember from school the formula to calculate the power consumed is:-

Power (Watts) = Volts (V) x Amps (A)

A higher Watt value equates to an e-scooter that will accelerate quicker, carry a heavier load and will be able to climb steeper hills.

Peak Power and Continuous / Sustained Power