Joyor E-MOVING are an electric vehicle company based in Barcelona. Joyor produce the widest range of products in the European market - catering for all types of users and their various micromobility requirements.

Joyor are a truly international company, HQ in Barcelona, products designed in The Netherlands and manufactured from their China factory.

Joyor offers different electric scooter models that are developed to satisfy different types of customers from fun and colourful small electric kick scooters for kids, extra light, compact and easy to carry mini electric scooters for commuters and then there are the powerful scooters for longer range. 

Joyor aims to provide innovative electric scooters of reliable quality and they never stop in their research and development. Joyor follow the latest trends in the market and constantly improve and upgrade their existing models and develop brand new models to meet the growing needs of their customers.

The mission of Joyor is to provide economic, sustainable and innovative transport that decreases the traffic load and air pollution in the cities and makes daily commuting easy, fast and joyful with zero emissions, zero effort, and zero stress.

Their vision is to contribute to the sustainability and electric mobility development worldwide and transform the current way of urban transport from daily commuting of independent individuals to various services in the tourism industry and logistics of small and medium businesses.

The Joyor Scooter philosophy is based on three main values: 

Fun & Freedom: No traffic jams, no stress, no delays, no timetables, no robbery risk, no sweat and efforts. Enjoy freedom and flexibility. As easy as that! Just relax and have fun!

Sustainability & Innovative Design: No emissions, no noise pollution, no city traffic overload. Joyor is 100% eco-friendly, energy efficient and fast to charge. Light and portable, Joyor is designed to be smart and provide you high performance and reliable quality.

Accessibility for Everyone: Joyor gives you the best value in the market. We want high quality electric scooters to be available for everyone at an affordable fair price.

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Joyor F3

Quality scooter with high specification. Lightweight so ideally suited to the commuter & with front suspension for smoothing out the ride.

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Joyor F5+

An upgrade from the excellent Joyor F3 scooter.

The F5+ adds dual suspension to the rear and packs an impressive 18Ah battery.

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Joyor F5S+

The F5S+ has the front & rear suspension from the F5+ but with a more powerful 500W motor & an awesome 48V, 13Ah battery.

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