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INOKIM manufacturer what are considered the ultimate when it comes to electric scooters. They are the only scooter company to manufacturer the components for their scooters rather than raiding the huge scooter parts bin that is available.

INOKIM is a collaboration between Israeli technology and innovation, and the might of Chinese precise fabrication abilities. They have a decade of experience with a proven record of revolutionary R&D. 

INOKIM are at the forefront of micromobility technology and design. Their products ooze quality and are matched with looks that are the envy of their competitors.

When you purchase an INOKIM electric scooter or e-bike you're buying into the INOKIM brand - you're not just buying a product.

INOKIM lead the market in developing and manufacturing a comprehensive collection of e-scooters designed to be a legitimate last mile solution for urban commuters. Their efforts in promoting safe use and responsible maintenance have allowed them to achieve brand loyalty and recognition that result in much more than significant global sales.

INOKIM brand values dictates that they supply solutions that are as eye catching as they are durable and reliable for long term use. INOKIM deliver a exhilarating user experience that will bring you to your destination with a smile in a safe and responsible manner.