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Inspired by their win at the RoboCup 2007 Competition in China, INMOTION was founded by a technical team with experience in robotics and vehicle dynamics. 

Headquartered in Shenzhen, today INMOTION focus on the research and development of robots and sensor controlled vehicles, and promoting the evolution of micromobility products.


INMOTION is seeking to create the most lightweight, most eco-friendly, most portable and most convenient means of transport through continuous technological innovation and combination of intelligent robots.

2012.12  INMOTION Was Founded in Shenzhen, China
2013.01  Angel Financing RMB20,000,000
2013.03  Got 56 National Patents and Software Copyrights
2013.04  Got ISO9001, FCC, CE, RoHS, CCC, etc.
2013.07  INMOTION Was Invited to the National High-tech Construction Exhibition 2013
2013.08  INMOTION SCV R1 Was Officially Released
2013.08  Attended Beijing International RV and Camping Exhibition 2013
2013.09  Attended CHINA-EURASIA EXPO 2013
2013.09  Attended IFA 2013 in Berlin
2013.10  Sponsored China Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo 2013
2013.10  Series A Round of Financing RMB25,000,000
2013.10  Attended Shenzhen International Auto Show 2013
2013.11  Signed Cooperation Contracts with Beijing/Shenzhen/Haikou International Airport
2013.11  Attended CHINA HI-TECH FAIR 2013
2013.11  Joined the Public Welfare Project of Love On the Road
2013.11  Attended TENCENT 15th Anniversary Celebration Music Carnival
2013.12  Attended the 23rd Midi Festival
2014.01  Attended CES 2014 in Las Vegas
2014.01  INMOTION SCV R1 Was Introduced in Talk Show Live with Kelly And Michael
2014.01  Attended Geek Park Innovation Conference 2014
2014.02  INMOTION Global Tour Started
2014.04  Attended Auto China Show 2014
2014.05  INMOTION Advertised on CCTV
2014.05  The Quantity of INMOTION Stores Reached 100
2014.06  INMOTION Litchi Festival 2014
2014.08  INMOTION Sales Volume Reached RMB200,000,000
2014.08  Attended CHINA Intelligent Equipment Summit 2014
2014.09  Series B Round of Financing RMB100,000,000;
2014.09  National High-tech Enterprise (2014.09-2017.09)
2014.09  Attended IFA 2014 in Berlin
2014.10  INMOTION SCV R2 and V3 Were Released
2014.10  Attended Global Sources Electronics Fair 2014
2014.11  Hot100 2014 by Cyzone
2014.12  Entered the Ranking List of WeMedia 2014
2014.12  50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company
2015.01  Attended CES 2015 in Las Vegas
2015.03  INMOTION SCV R1 Asia-Europe Travel Plan Started
2015.03  FORBES 30 UNDER 30
2015.03  Attended CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany
2015.03  Attended Bangkok International Motor Show 2015
2015.04  Innovation Award 2014 by Consumer Electronics Magazine
2015.04  INMOTION Film Yunnan-Tibet Line Started
2015.04  INMOTION V3 Became a Hot Topic After Showed in the Korean TV Series Who Are You
2015.04  Attended Motor Show 2015 in Poland
2015.05  INMOTION SCV R0 and Kick Scooter L6 Were Released
2015.05  INMOTION Documentary Litang99°19’Zong Started
2015.06  INMOTION Litchi Festival 2015
2015.06  Joined Shenzhen Charity Fundraising 2015 by One Foundation
2015.07  Partner of Uber Ice Cream Day 2015
2015.07  Attended Eletrolar Show 2015 in Sao Paulo
2015.07  Top 100 Innovative Companies 2015 by eNet & China Internet Weekly
2015.08  Creation & Sensor Control Technology by BAZAAR Men's Style
2015.09  INMOTION SCV V5 Was Released
2015.11  Sponsored China Basketball Association (2015-2016)
2015.11  INMOTION V3 Got the Excellent Prize of China Red Star Design Award
2015.11  INMOTION V3 Got the Most Popular Product Prize of China Red Star Design Award
2015.12  Attended QATAR MADE IN CHINA 2015
2015.12  INMOTION Film The Way from Yunnan to Tibet Premiered
2016.01  INMOTION L6 Got Top 10 Excellent Products Award by Consumer Electronics Magazine
2016.01  INMOTION V3 Got iF Design Award 2016
2016.01  INMOTION 3 Anniversary Ceremony
2016.03  Sponsored the CK Fragrance Malaysia
2016.03  National Demonstration Enterprise for Products and Service Quality Award
2016.03  National Leading Brand for Smart Transportation Industry Award
2016.04  INMOTION SCV V5F was Released
2016.04  Attended BIKE FESTIVAL 2016 in Vienna
2016.04  Attended TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016 in Japan
2016.05  Korea Master Brand Awards 2016
2016.05  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Singapore
2016.05  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Taiwan
2016.06  INMOTION Litchi Festival 2016
2016.07  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Shenzhen
2016.08  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Changsha
2016.09  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Shanghai
2016.09  INMOTION Ebike P1 & E-scooter L8 Were Released in Berlin
2016.09  Attended IFA 2016 in Berlin
2016.10  INMOTION World Carnival 2016 in Beijing
2016.10  Attended The China Import and Export Fair 2016
2016.10  INMOTION SCV V8 Was Officially Released
2016.10  Attended INTERMOT COLOGNE 2016 in Germany
2016.10  INMOTION P1 Crowdfunding Reached RMB17,050,976
2016.11  Attended International Intelligent Transportation Industry & Technology Fair 2016
2016.12  INMOTION L6 Got CHINA Red Star Design Award 2016
2017.02  Attended Salon Du 2 Roues in Lyon
2017.02  Got the New National Standard Certificate for Self-balance Scooters
2017.03  INMOTION Electric Assist Bike S1 Released
2017.03  INMOTION Fans Carnival Started
2017.04  Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2017
2017.04  INMOTION Electric Skateboard K1 Was Released
2017.05  INMOTION S1 Crowdfunding Reached RMB191,137
2017.06  INMOTION Litchi Festival 2017
2017.09  Attended IFA 2017 in Berlin
2017.10  Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2017
2017.10  Attended Autonomy 2017, Le Festival De La Mobilité Urbaine
2017.10  INMOTION Hoverboard D2 Was Released
2017.11  Attended The China Import and Export Fair 2017
2017.11  National High-tech Enterprise (2017.11-2020.11)
2017.12  INMOTION Christmas Carnival 2017
2018.01  INMOTION L8 & Scooterboard Got iF Design Award 2018