Please read this guide for help in selecting the most suitable X9 model for your requirements.

Setting up your X9 takes a few minutes as it's almost complete straight out of the box. To complete the assembly you need to fit 6 screws.

Please read this guide before assembly

The range is 70-100km depending on the model.
These range results were in test conditions based on a 75kg rider, with a full battery, at 25°C, with tyre pressure of 34.8 psi and riding on a flat, dry road. Changes to these conditions as well as not riding at a constant speed (i.e. stop and go) will affect the results.

Here are some simple tips to help you look after your battery.

● Don’t drain it completely. E-scooter batteries are designed differently to your mobile phone battery.

● Keep it topped up and every 5-10 charge cycles drain it completely. Only use the official, supplied charger. If required we can supply replacement or additional chargers. Not all chargers are the same, even if they look identical. If required we can supply replacements.

● Try not to charge the battery immediately after using your e-scooter. Let the battery cool down for 10-15 minutes before charging.

● If possible charge your battery indoors (above 10°C) as batteries don’t like the cold. Your charger will have a green light when the battery is fully charged. Your battery will charge up to 75% fairly quickly while the final 25% will take longer.

● If storing your e-scooter for extended periods, i.e. over winter then don’t forget to top it up every few weeks.

A full charge takes approximately 5-6 hours depending on the battery option purchased. The indicator light will change to green as soon as the battery is fully charged and will prevent overcharging.

It is generally advisable to disconnect the charger after completion.

The battery can either be charged while still in the e-scooter, or charged off the e-scooter.

IP54 means the e-scooter can withstand light rain and shallow puddles. You can read up further details on IP ratings here

You can pump up your e-scooter tyres using a regular bicycle pump with the schrader (car valve type) fitting.

Please visit this page for details on how to adjust the brakes.

Regularly check your tyres to make sure they're at 35 PSI.  Riding on low pressure is the most common cause for punctures. Also make it a regular habit to check your tyres for glass, stones or other foreign objects and prise these out. Eventually these foreign objects will work their way through the tyre resulting in a puncture. If you haven't done so already add sealant to the inner tubes. Not sure how to add sealant, then watch this video

E-ABS braking is an electronic brake that is applied to the front wheel when the brake lever is depressed. The braking power isn't very powerful as the majority of e-scooter braking will come from the rear disc brake. Think of the E-ABS as a "nice to have" feature.

The maximum climbing capacity is 25°

We stock some parts as standard and can order in any other part for the X9. If you have a requirement then please contact us.