HX X9 assembly instructions & maintenance

Assembly & Maintenance: HX X9 electric scooters

The assembly of the X9 is fairly straight forward with just 6 Torx screws to install at the top of the stem. 

However please read these instructions before assembly as it will make the process easier.

hx x9 assembly information

There are 2 types of screws, the 2 round headed screws fit at the front of the stem while the 4 flat headed screws are fitted to the sides (2 per side). 

While the X9 does come with a basic torx key you really need a tool with more leverage such as a long handled torx key, a torx socket fitted to a ratchet wrench/spanner or a decent electric or impact screwdriver. 

The screws have thread lock already applied (the blue paste). The thread lock may make screwing the screws in difficult due to the increase in resistance.

Initially just screw each screw in a few tuns making sure the holes for the screws and the screw thread align up. Then go around the scooter 2-3 times tightening each screw a few turns at a time.

Before first use please check all screws are tight including the stem screws located at the bottom of the stem. Please also regularly check all screws (see below).

All scooters go through a pre-delivery check before being shipped. The best on-going maintenance tip we have is to keep the tyre pressure topped up, this should be checked every few weeks - low tyre pressure is the main cause for flat tyres.

Look after your disc brakes as the rotors can be easily damaged if they receive a knock - we do stock spares. If you find that there is slight rubbing of the rotors on the pads then loosen the mounting bolts and position the calliper so that the rotor doesn't rub. As the adjustment is small you may have to repeat this process a few times. A slight rub is acceptable/normal so don't worry too much if you're not able to adjust the brakes so that there is no rubbing whatsoever. 

Check out this video on setting up the brakes

Other regular maintenance should include checking all screws are tight, i.e. screws on stem, screws on motor etc.

  • Regular (i.e. weekly) tyre pressure checks and tyre condition checks
  • Regular (i.e. weekly) brake cable, brake pad and operating checks
  • Regular (i.e. weekly) cleaning
  • Regular (i.e. monthly) lubrication of moving components
  • Regular (i.e. weekly) check for loose screws and bolts, i.e. stem, motor screws, brake calliper (etc)

Stem Catch

If the stem closing mechanism if loose then tighten the screw at the front of the scooter.

HX X9 stem adjustment screw

Over time the stem latch can become stiff, to return back to normal operation, loosen the mounting screws and apply a little grease. Take care not to lose the spring.

Stem catch screws

Loose Fork

If there is wobble in the forks then you will need to tighten the bolt that tightens the forks. First loosen the two screws as shown in the photo below. The hexagonal screw that tightens the fork then needs to be tightened. In order to do this the brake cables and control cable will need to be removed as they run through the centre of the screw preventing a hex key from being inserted. As this is rather time consuming you can also use a pair of long nose pliers to grip the screw and tighten it. Once tightened don't forget to tighten back the two screws loosen earlier. If you prefer to book your scooter in the workshop then we can also perform this task for you.

HX X9 fork screws