HX X8 & Turboant X7 Pro Display Menu

Your Horizon HX X8 or Turboant X7 Pro owner's manual contains most of the information you need to operate and maintain your new e-scooter. 


However there maybe occasions when you want to adjust the pre set settings, this is easily achieved through the Settings Menu.


The Settings Menu is accessed by pressing the Power and Menu buttons together for a few seconds until P0 is displayed. 


To enter the P0 menu settings category, press the Power button. Then press the Menu button to toggle to either 0 or 1 (km/h or mph). Then press the Power Button to confirm your choice and exit P0.


To toggle through the remaining menu-settings categories (P1, P2, P3, P4), press the Menu button.


When you arrive at the desired category, repeat the same process. Press the Power button to enter that category, press the Menu button to toggle through the options and select. Press the Power Button to confirm your choice and exit the category.


Check this YouTube video showing how to change the speed display


P0 km/miles per hour setting
0 kph
1 mph
P3 Wheel Size Selector (don't adjust)
85 8.5" wheels
10 10" wheels
P1 Cruise Control Setting
0 off
1 on

P4  Speed limit setting
FF: Full-Function, max speed
25: 25km/h, 15.5mph
20: 20km/h, 13mph

P2 Kick Start Setting, (don't change)
0 off
1 on

Save Settings: Hold Menu and Power buttons together until 00 is displayed.