HX warranty details version 1

Valid for purchases prior to 13/09/2022

This product is covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty.

The warranty is "back to base" so if required cost for transportation to/from Horizon Micromobility is at customer's expense. We can arrange for courier collection/delivery if required.

If a fault occurs during the first 6 months then parts and labour are included.

As with any vehicle electric bikes and electric scooters will require a certain amount of basic maintenance in order to keep them in good working condition. Failure to perform basic maintenance can lead to product failure that will invalidate the warranty. Basic maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

Regular (i.e. weekly) tyre pressure checks and tyre condition checks

Regular (i.e. weekly) brake cable, brake pad and operating checks

Regular (i.e. weekly) cleaning

Regular (i.e. monthly) lubrication of moving components

Regular (i.e. weekly) check for loose screws and bolts

Please contact us if further details are required.

Warranty claims are only valid to original owner. Order number, email address and postcode will be required to validate the order.

Any product returned under a warranty claim will be rejected if product shows obvious sign of neglect or misuse. Such signs could include, but aren't limited to physical damage such as dents, scratches, broken parts unrelated to claim reason, water damage.

Warranty claims are not valid for water damage unless advertised as waterproof.

Warranty claims are not valid if product has been modified.

Warranty claims are not valid on consumable items, and items subject to ware and tear such as inner tubes, tyres, cables, mudguards, bearing etc.

Batteries deterioration is not covered by the warranty.

Parts damaged by the user are not covered by this warranty.

If you have an issue with your purchase please contact us at: helllo@horizonmicromobility.com We may ask you to send us evidence of the issue with photos and videos. We will then assess the claim and decide on next steps.

Depending on the issue we may request for the entire product or faulty part to be returned to us for repair or replacement. 

Where a repair can be achieved by replacing a faulty part then we may send out a replacement part or we may request the faulty part is sent to us before a replacement part is sent. If appropriate then we may also supply fitting instructions and/or video. 

If customers wish Horizon Micromobility to fit the replacement part then we will do so without cost for labour or parts. Customers would be liable for carriage (both ways) in this instance, or the product can be dropped off at our Berkshire premises. 

If sending a e-scooter or e-bike back then the original box and packaging must be used. If this is no longer available then boxes can be purchased from sites such as https://www.packingboxes.co.uk/bicycle-bike-boxes or from your local bike shop. Customer's are liable for return carriage, if warranty claim is then successful carriage will be refunded.

Once we receive the product back the claim will be accessed. If product shows physical signs of damage, scratches, broken parts then the claim will be rejected and the customer contacted to arrange collection. 

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by improper packaging or during shipping.

After the first six months from the original date of purchase, you will need to show the fault was present at the time of purchase. The customer is responsible for paying for shipping charges for any damaged or defective product or component. 

Valid for purchases since 13/09/2022, previous warranty details available here