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How to Disassemble Handlebar Stem on Turboant X7 Pro or HX X8

How to Stip Down Turboant X7 Pro or HX X8 Handlebar Stem

If you need to replace the front light, throttle unit, LCD display unit or the brake lever on the Turboant X7 Pro or HX X8 electric scooters then you will need to strip down the handlebar stem unit. This is a fairly straight forward process using just a few basic tools.

The brake lever has an integrated brake light cable that sends a signal to the rear light when the brake is applied. As the cable is integrated into the lever you will need access to the LCD display located in the stem in order to remove the cable.

Likewise the throttle and front light also plug directly into the LCD display.

If you require parts for the Turboant X7 Pro or HX X8 then please get in touch. We keep many items in stock and can order in special or out of stock items.