Guide to Electric Scooter Inner Tubes

Inner Tube Guide
Before purchasing a replacement inner tube you will need to know the following:

1) Valve angle (if not a straight valve).

2) Diameter of inner tube.

3) Width of inner tube.

If you have removed the inner tube from the wheel already then the diameter and width are normally printed on the side of the inner tube. If not then these figures are also often found on the side of the wheel. You're looking for figures such as 10" x 2.125" The first number is the diameter while the second is width - typically measured in inches. As the inner tubes stretch getting the width an exact match isn't really as important as getting the correct diameter - you won't notice any difference.

Once the inner tube has been removed from the tyre the valve angle will be easy to spot, use the image below for reference. 

electric scooter inner tube valve angle

We've put together a series of videos that will help you to change the inner tube from your scooter.

Click here for video showing how to replace inner tube

Click here for video showing how to remove wheel

Click here for video showing how to replace wheel

Or if you really don't fancy changing the tube yourself then we're also able to replace inner tubes for you

We also recommend that you install sealant in your inner tubes to reduce the chances of a flat. Check out our YouTube channel for a demonstration video