You will need to have access the the app to "unlock" the scooter for first use. You can download the app from the following links.

Click here for review for the INMOTION L9

The 59 miles range was in test conditions and in ECO mode. As with all e-scooters an accurate "everyday range" with normal stop-starting, on undulating terrain and in Sports mode is 50% of manufacturer's claimed "best range." So around 30 miles, still impressive. Check out You Tube where some users have shown the true range.

"E-ABS" braking is an electronic brake that is applied to the front wheel when the brake lever is depressed. The main braking will still come from the rear disc brake however.

"Regenerative" braking means some charge is applied back to the battery to top it up under braking. How much charge? Well not much to be honest - but every little helps!

The maximum climbing capacity is 30°