Battery Maintenance

Look after your battery and your battery will look after you!

Your e-scooter is supplied with a lithium-ion battery (li-ion). These batteries have a high energy density allowing a lot of energy to be stored compared to the size of the battery pack. The batteries also have no memory effect, a feature found in other types of batteries that results in the charge capacity being reduced over time. Lithium-ion batteries also don’t self-discharge compared to other battery types.

Here are some simple tips to help you look after your battery.

• Don’t drain completely - scooter batteries are designed differently to your mobile phone battery. Keep topped up and every 5-10 charge cycles drain completely.

• Only use the official, supplied charger. If required we can supply replacement or additional chargers. Not all chargers are the same, even if they look identical.

• Try not to charge immediately after using your scooter. Let the battery cool down for 10-15 minutes before charging.

• If possible charge your battery inside (above 10°C) as batteries don’t like the cold.

• Your charger will have a green light when battery is fully charged. Your battery will charge up to 75% fairly quickly while the final 25% will take longer.

• If storing your scooter for extended periods, i.e. over winter then don’t forget to top it up every few weeks.