From bikes to bikers

Our story starts with a man who was in search of transforming his daily routine. For Galin commuting has always been a fast, refreshing and enjoyable way of moving around. He assembled his first bike in 2014 and shortly after his hobby evolved from a side hustle to a life purpose. Conversations about cool bikes and smart ideas brought Alex and Galin together to start the company Eljoy. 


For the past six years, they have been on their exciting journey towards the ultimate smart e-bike with the idea to settle for nothing but the best . It led to the creation of the first wooden bicycle with a fully integrated electrical system in the world.

Down the road they developed an advanced in-house production process and kept on improving and attending the biggest bike forums in Europe. Their innovative ideas brought new business in the face of international partners and B2B collaborations, especially with food delivery companies who highly value durability and quality of their e-bikes.

Finally, after thousands of hours of inventing, experimenting and testing, the Econic One brand was born. It is here to empower bike fans to explore further with a high tech e-bike that offers an addictively smooth ride.

In-house Production & Assembly

Every bike is hand-assembled and hand-painted at our factory with attention to detail. We develop our own open source electric system which enables us to build in and develop our own IoT and technology.Before leaving our factory, every single Econic One is personally tested and fully set and ready for their first ride.