EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
Electric Dutch Style bikes
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
EBFEC Lyssa commuter shopper electric bike | Horizon Micromobility
Lyssa e-bike overview
Lyssa-e-bike handlebar adjustment
Lyssa Dutch style electric bike
Lyssa Dutch style electric bike
Lyssa e-bike display

Lyssa Dutch style electric bike

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✅ Dutch Style, step through frame
✅ 5 levels of assistance from motor
✅ Rear rack and front light
✅ Battery hidden in frame
✅ Front & rear disc brakes
✅ Mudguard, lights, kick stand
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The Lyssa electric bike is ideally suited to the commuter as well as the shopper.

The Dutch style, step through frame of the Lyssa makes this electric bike easy to jump on and off, ideal if you're wearing your work clothes or those looking for an e-bike that doesn't require the rider to lift their leg over the top tube.

With its comfortable upright riding position, front light and rear rack never has commuting or popping to the shops been as fun as this.

The Lyssa is powered by a rear hub motor that provides power assistance up to the UK legal limit of 25km/h (15.5mph).

The Lyssa has 7 gears and 5 levels of assist from the motor. Select 4-5 for hills, 2-3 for the flats or 0-1 if you're looking to get some exercise.

The integrated (removable) 36V, 7Ah, 250Wh Samsung, LG or Panasonic battery provides enough power to give an estimated 40-50 miles range. And should the battery run out you'll be able to ride the bike as a conventional bike. Read our guide on batteries & range here.

With integrated cables and a range of colours the stylish Lyssa will put a smile on any rider's face.

The Lyssa is manufactured in Europe, in a modern, purpose built factory in Poland.

The bike comes partially assembled leaving just the front mudguard, rack, handlebar, seat and pedals to be fitted. If you would prefer us to deliver and assemble the bike for you then get in touch. 

Frame size 49cm, suitable for riders 160-185cm, (5'3"- 6'1"), full frame sizing available on Specification Tab. If unsure of sizing get in touch with us for advice and/or compare sizing with existing bike, you can "fine tune" sizing by adjusting seat height and adjusting the handle bar height and reach.

✅ European made: Comprehensive warranty & European based support network
✅ Branded battery: Supplied with Samsung, LG or Panasonic battery
✅ Super comfortable step through frame: Comfortable riding position
✅ Motor: Shengyi 36V, 250W rear hub motor
✅ Controller: 5 assist speeds
✅ Frame Geometry: Check full specification on "Specification Chart" tab below
✅ Brakes: Front & rear disc brakes
✅ Sensor: Torque Sensor
✅ Wheel Sizes: 700c
✅ Max Speed: 25km/h, 15.5mph
✅ Max Range: 40-50miles (depending on rider and assist setting)

*** Latest Stock Updates ***
Red bikes: Oolter brand on downtube
All other colours: EBFEC brand on downtube

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Horizon Micromobility: specialists in the e-commuting/leisure market, our advisors are available on chat, email and phone to answer your questions. As well as our low prices, with our post sales service you have access to an extensive spares network, workshop facility and friendly staff.

EBFEC e-bikes are covered by a one year, back to base warranty to original owner. The warranty covers all the basic components in the electrical system, such as the motor, battery, controller and charger as well as the frame, brakes and every component except the ones specified as components that are consumables subject to natural wear and tear.

Items not covered. Damage to the bicycle or components caused by a fall, incorrect or abusive use of the bike or exceeding the maximum weight limit. Corrosion caused by improper storage. Modifications of the electrical system and repairs carried out by an unauthorised dealer.

Components, which are subject to natural wear and tear (grips, bells, Tyres, inner tubes, cassette, chain, saddle, brake pads, etc).

We offer a no quibble 30 day refund policy 👍

Read our full returns/refund policy here

Express Shipping available. See shipping policy for more details 🚚

Specification - Lyssa Geometry
Battery Hidden Battery, Samsung/LG/Panasonic, lithium battery 36V, 7.0Ah Frame Size(mm): 490
Motor Shengyi 36V, 250W, 40Nm,
brushless rear hub motor
Wheel Size: 700c 35mm
Charger 100-240V, 36V, 2A Seat tube(mm): 490
Charging Time 3.5hrs Seat tube angle: 70º
Display LCD display Head tube length(mm): 160
Frame & Fork Aluminium Head Angle: 70º
Lights Front light Effective top tube: 591
Rear Derailleur L-Twoo 7 speed Bottom Bracket Height: 291
Brakes Front & rear disc brake Bottom bracket drop: 55
Shift Levers L-Twoo 7 speed Chainstay length: 475
Sensor Type Torque sensor Offset: 45
Max Speed 15.5 mph / 25km/h (UK legal limit) Stem extension: 100
Weight Bike: approx: 19kgs
Delivered box dimensions: 146x77x25cm
Wheelbase (mm): 1090
Max load 120kg Standover (mm): 878
Available Colours White, Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow Frame reach (mm): 377
EBFEC Ares electric bike
These assembly instructions are for customers who are looking to assemble the Ares electric bike themselves. We're also able to offer a personalised delivery and assembly service, simply add this option to your order.
Before you assemble the Ares electric bike you will need a few tools 🛠
Cup of tea or coffee ☕️
Cable cutters (for cutting cable ties) 
Allen or hex key set (3, 4, 5, 6mm) 
10 and 15mm spanner 🔧
    ebfec ares electric bike tools for assembly
    Carefully lift out the Ares electric bike and contents from the box.
    Using a pair of cable cutters remove the cable ties securing the front wheel to the frame, DON'T USE a knife as it's easy to slip and scratch the frame.
    Carefully remove the front wheel noting that the crank is positioned inside the wheel spokes.
    Fit the front wheel in the forks by carefully making sure the brake rotor is located in the callipers. Add the securing washer making sure it's located in the hole in the fork and tighten the nut with a 15mm spanner.
      ebfec ares front wheel assembly
      Release the remaining cables ties that are securing the rear rack and handlebars to the bike frame.
      Locate the headset cover and cable tidy "thingy" in the accessories box. This fits over the headset, (see photo below).
        ebfec electric bike head set cover cap
        Add handlebar assembly to frame, (see photo below).
          ebfec ares electric bike handle bar assembly
          Once the handlebar assembly is roughly at the correct height, remove rubber cap and tighten the headset, (see photo below).
            ebfec ares headset tightening
            The angle of the handlebar assembly can be adjusted by opening the lever and adjusting the height to suit. Close the lever and check for movement in the handlebars, if the lever is too tight to close, or if when closed there is movement in the handlebar then the barrel adjuster can be adjusted by inserting an Allen key and turning the barrel adjuster. Moving from right to left tightens, (photo below).
              ebfec ares handle bar tightening
              The actual handlebar can also be tilted up/down by releasing the grub screw (see photo below) located under the handlebar and by releasing the barrel adjuster, once rotated to the desired angle tighten the grub screw and adjust the barrel adjuster back to create a tight fit.
                ebfec ares handle bar tightening
                Tidy the cables by locking in the headset cover, (see photo below).
                  ebfec ares electric bike front light
                  Remove front light assembly using a 5mm Allen key and 10mm spanner.
                  The front mudguard feeds through the fork from the rear with the mounting bracket at the front of the mudguard, (see photos below).
                  Install the front light but now also add the mudguard to the screw before the nut is added, (see photo below).
                    ebfec ares electric bike mudguard
                    ebfec ares electric bike front light
                    Add the mudguard mounting stays to the frame using 4mm Allen key.
                    Add pannier to frame using 3mm Allen key.
                      rear pannier rack mounting ebec ares electric bike
                      Add seat post to frame and tighten using a 6mm Allen key, make sure seat is horizontal, adjust if required.
                      Add pedals, and tighten with a 15mm spanner, noting that the left pedal is reverse thread so turn counter clockwise to tighten.
                        ebfec electric scooter pedals
                        Finally pump up the tyres.
                        CONGRATULATIONS your new electric bike is ready to go.
                        Once assembled the rider can fine tune the fit by adjusting the seat height as well as seat fore and aft positioning. The handlebar height, angle and rotation can also be fine tuned.
                        250W rear hub motor

                        Providing 5 levels of assistance up to 25km/h

                        Front & Rear disc brakes

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                        Great company to buy from. Good and timely comms. Prompt delivery and responsive when resolving issues. Would buy from them again, without hesitation.

                        Iolo - Wales
                        Scunthorpe, UK

                        Received a fantastic service from Matt, he answered all the queries before the purchase and helped with a query once the scooter was delivered! I highly recommend Horizon e-bikes and I wouldn’t look elsewhere in the future when I come to upgrade my mountain bike

                        Derbyshire, UK

                        Really great buying experience.
                        The bike was sent off for delivery the same day I confirmed my order, email correspondence was very fast (thanks Matt!), and they partially assembled the bike for me. Would definitely recommend, especially for anyone looking to buy a Tenways bike living in London.

                        London, UK

                        5* star service.
                        I recently bought estarli 28.8 pro from Horizon eBikes. Though I live in London, I went to Reading to buy my bike because one of my colleague recommended me Horizon eBikes and I wasn't disappointed, Matt is a such nice and helpful person. I was confused with accessories to buy along with the bike and he provided me a detailed list. The bike was ready, fully charged when I got there and I left there riding it.
                        Reading is a such a beautiful place.
                        Definitely recommend.

                        Anonymous, UK

                        Horizon eBikes are top quality! Matthew was very helpful, friendly and the service was very quick and efficient!
                        I commend and recommend them! 5 Stars!

                        London, UK

                        Simply amazing! I applied to buy a bike through the Green Community initiative and was surprised how easy it was with horizon! I got my bike within a week. Matt was particularly very helpful and I ended up buying more stuff such as an air pump on the day of the delivery. Highly recommend

                        Wembly, London, UK
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                        ✔️ Access to extensive spares
                        ✔️ Cytech trained mechanics
                        ✔️ Workshop facilities
                        ✔️ UK backed warranty

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