VanMoof electric bikes

If you are considering a VanMoof S5 or VanMoof S3 but are put off by the price and the build quality then take a look at the Tenways CGO600 or the Tenways CGO800s

While VanMoof have built up a bit of a cult following, Tenways are already making a bit of a scene in the e-bike world. Tenways launched in 2021 with the CGO600, an urban e-bike with sporty geometry. The CGO600 was then followed in 2022 with the CGO800s, aimed more at comfort with its step through frame and front suspension.

Tenways back up their e-bikes with a support team that is up there with the best in the industry, we're fast becoming big fans with the Tenways brand.

If you wish to test ride a VanMoof then you will have to visit one of the their three UK VanMoof showrooms. If you wish to test ride a Tenways e-bike then just get in touch with us.

There are currently two Tenways to choose from:

A sleek and agile e-bike that let you stand out from the crowd. Onlookers will never know the secrets behind the acceleration.

• Integrated battery
• Responsive sporty geometry
• 15 kg light weight

tenways cgo600 electric bike in sky blue

A comfortable step-through e-bike for daily commuting or urban exploration. Long rides will no longer feel exhausting.

• Portable battery
• Relaxed upright geometry
• 19 kg net weight

tenways cgo800s in black

To learn more then follow this link

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