So what's going on at the UK ports?

If it wasn't for the current pandemic then the situation at the UK's ports in the first few weeks of 2021 would be making the headlines. 

You may be aware that there are some delays but what's the cause - we have a "no tariff deal" with the EU after all? While we may have a "no tariff" deal we still have VAT, courier charges and new paperwork to deal with, and this causes delays and increases costs. 

EU hauliers are also refusing to deal with UK companies because they are being asked to provide guarantees to cover VAT on goods arrival to the UK. As they can pick where they ply their trade they simple do their business elsewhere, to a more straightforward system.

As an example a truck with a £100,000 cargo would need a financial guarantee for £20,000 in VAT, and many companies have multiple trucks.

Another new headache, apart from the customs declaration and the financial guarantee is the REX document. This is a document to certify the product's origin, this then determines the rate of any tariffs that may be required to be paid on entry to the UK.

brexit port delays

So if you're waiting for goods to come in from abroad (such as us here at Horizon Micromobility) then it's an extremely frustrating and worrying time. Our whole business model relies on a regular supply of goods. Many of the issues are likely to get ironed out over time; but one thing is certain, the import and export of goods is going to more complex and more expensive than it was in 2020.

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