HX X9 electric scooter Product Focus

Introducing the HX X8 electric scooter. If you're already familiar with the HX X8 electric scooter with the removable battery in the stem then the HX X9 electric scooter is a step up in the range. 

The HX X9 is still available with a removable battery but this time the battery is located in the footplate. 

There are three battery size options, 10.4Ah, 15.6Ah and 20.8Ah providing a "real world" range of around, 25km, 30km and 75km. We quote real world figures as the manufacturer range figures are based on flat roads, lowest speed setting and 25°C temperature. 

You also have the choice of three colours, a vibrant orange, grey and white.

Power comes from a 500W average power motor driving the rear wheel. 

The X9 electric scooter will come partially assembled leaving you to just mount the handle bar to the stem by way of 6 screws.

HX X( electric scooter in orange

The price starts at £425 for the 10.4Ah battery option in orange

with the 15.6Ah version starting at £495

and the top of the range 20.8Ah version at £545

We often get asked about suspension on electric scooters, we suggest that if you're going to be using the scooter on the road then suspension is not required as long as the scooter has pneumatic tyres of 10" size.  The ride quality on the HX X9 electric scooter is excellent due to the 10" 2.7" wide tyres. These provide an excellent ride experience with plenty of grip coming from those wide tyres.  

hx x9 electric scooter

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