Honbike Uni 4 e-bike first impressions

We’ve been out testing the Honbike Uni4. Chief bike tester Matt swapped his acoustic road bike for the Honbike Uni4, these are his initial thoughts after using the Uni4 for his daily commute.

“As I took the bike out of the garage my neighbour said, “What’s that? Is that an e-bike? Where’s the battery?”

So I was late for work as she had to have a spin!

I was surprised at how well the Honbike coped with hills considering it’s a single speed. The motor is very responsive providing excellent acceleration from a standstill. The ride was extremely comfortable thanks to the 2” tyres. I’m 6’2” and the sizing is fine for someone my size and thanks to the large seat post riders from 5’3” will be able to ride the Honbike. My 7km commute was over a minute quicker and I wasn’t in a sweaty state when I arrived at work”

Want to test ride the Honbike? Then get in touch.

honbike uni4 e-bike

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