Estarli Play E20.8 folding e-bike

The Estarli e20.8 Play, a new breed of eBike: the perfect blend of functionality and fun.

Estarli have taken the Estarli E20.7 flding e-bike and given it a few tweaks to make it more suitable for those looking to ride on more rough terrain.

The upgrades to the Estarli e20.8 Play include:

  • More gears, 8 vs the 7 on the Estarli e20.7
  • More power: 50Nm motor
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • More grip: wider/chunkier tyres 
  • Magnesium alloy front forks 
  • Higher quality Shimano components
  • Colour coordinated mudguards

Available in Standard and Professional versions, the Estarli E20.8 Play Pro has mudguards and rear rack and with Standard and puncture protection tyres.

Estarli also have a range of options such as a waterbottle size range extender battery. The range extender battery represents great value as the battery is the same capacity as the Play's original! 

The Estarli branded pannier trunk bag and Estarli pannier backpack are great accessories that can be added to the rear rack.

Learn more about the Estarli Play E20.8 Folding ebike here.

Estarli pannier trunk bag

estarli trunk bag

Estarli Pannier Trunk Bag

estarli pannier trunk bag

Estarli Pannier Back Pack

estarli pannier back bag

Estarli Pannier Back Pack

estarli pannier back pack



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