Electric Scooter Maintenance, installing inner tube sealant

Anyone who has ridden an electric scooter with small wheels with solid tyres will know that the ride is anything but smooth and comfortable. In fact after a while it can be extremely uncomfortable. To avoid this e-scooter manufacturers are moving towards larger wheels matched with air filled inner tubes such as the Turboant X7 Pro. This combination provides a far smoother and comfortable riding experience. 

However we all remember what it feels like to get a puncture on our bikes. That sinking feeling is exactly the same with electric scooters. One way to reduce the changes of a flat is to periodically add sealant to your inner tubes. While sealant wont stop you getting a puncture what it will do is seal the hole caused by the thorn or piece of glass preventing the tyre deflating and allowing you to continue your journey.

Adding sealant is a fairly straight forward process as this video shows.

We stock inner tube sealant as well as a valve core removal tool on our website. Don't take a chance and install sealant, it's the best investment you can make for your e-scooter. 

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