Electric Scooter Batteries and the Cold

You've probably already noticed that your mobile phone or camera battery doesn't last as long in the cold. Well it's no different for your electric scooter's battery, it too doesn't like the cold. 

But why is this the case? Well without getting too technical in order to produce electricity a chemical reaction takes place and this reaction is slowed down when it's cold. This results in less power being produced than when it's warmer.

In order to reduce the effect of the cold keep your battery warm. So either bring your scooter inside or if it has a removable battery just bring the battery inside.

If you own the Turboant X7 Pro then another option is to purchase a spare battery in order to extend the scooter's range. Spare batteries can be purchased here: Turboant X7 Pro spare battery


electric scooters batteries and the cold

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