Electric bikes for older people

Electric bikes are for everyone and there is an electric bike for everyone! It doesn't matter if you're old, young, fit or unfit. 

Before writing this post we were pondering the wording, should we use "old", or "senior," or say anyone over 50? What we want to get across is that if you are new to cycling, or haven't ridden a bike in years then there is no reason why you can't get back on the saddle with an electric bike. 

Below we've listed some of the common questions that you may have:

1. I'm confused by the different types of electric bike and the terminology that goes with them.
If this is you then read on as we've a couple of links that will help you understand all about e-bikes and how they work.

2. I've not ridded a bike in years.
It's literally "like riding a bike," you don't forget how to do it.

3. I'm not as fit as I once was so I'm not sure I'll be able to get back into cycling.
The magical thing about electric bikes is that it's up to you how much effort you get from the motor. Most electric bikes have 5 assist levels, or 6 if you wish to ride the bike as a normal bike with no assistance from the motor. If you're feeling unfit or wish to have an easy ride then the a high assist setting will make the bike do more of the work.

4. I'm not as flexible as I was when I was younger.
This is a common concern. Many people, of all ages can have issue with swinging a leg over a bike's top tube in order to sit on a bike. Fortunately there are now Dutch Style bikes such as the excellent Lyssa shown below, with a step through frame allowing riders to easily sit on the saddle.

Dutch Style Electric bike

Dutch style electric bike

If you're just starting to look at e-bikes, and this is the same whatever your age it can be confusing and some what daunting with all the different types of bike and all the terminology that's associated with them, so where do you start? We suggest heading over to our Learning Centre where we have a section on the different styles of electric bikes.

Styles of electric bikes 

Once you have read through the guide you will have some basic understanding of e-bikes and may also have an idea as to the style of bike you're interested in, that's great! If you're eager to learn more then we have another guide that covers how electric bikes work, and brief discussions on the components that make an electric bike work and what they do. While you don't necessarily need to know these details when looking, it's useful to have an understanding so that when you're looking through bike specifications it starts to make sense. 

Electric bike components

So back to the title of this blog post, "Electric bikes for older people." As already mentioned electric bikes can be for everyone. If you've read through the Learning Centre articles listed above then you will have a basic understanding on the different types or styles of bike.

For a quick summary, if you think you'll have difficulty lifting a leg over the top tube then go for a Dutch Style bike.

If you're looking for a bike to pop down to the shops then any bike would fit the bill, but maybe look at one with a pannier rack on so that you can safely carry your shopping home. 

If you want to explore off the road an onto your local bridleways then maybe a mountain bike style bike with wider and gripper tyres and suspension is more what you're looking for.

If you're still confused, or if you have any questions or if you wish to see the  different types of bike available then why not get in touch with us - there is no limit on the number of questions you can ask and we can also arrange for you to visit us to go through the options with you.

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