Electric bikes for commuting

As we're all getting back to the new normal, more people will be commuting back to their place of work.

You may think that electric bikes are all targeted at the high end, e-mtb end of the market but there are e-bikes for whatever your requirement.

One of the most popular uses of electric bike is for commuting or shopping. Of course a conventional bike can be used for commuting but one of the main advantages of an e-bike is that you can dictate as to the level of assistance received from the motor. So you may wish to use maximum assistance on the way to the office so that you don't arrive sweaty and in need of a shower before your 09:00 meeting. And then on the way home you may wish to peg down the assistance level a few settings so that you get some exercise - or turn it off completely.

There are numerous other advantages too:

  • Avoid crowds on public transport
  • No more traffic jams
  • Save on bus and train fares and save on parking fees
  • No sky high petrol or diesel costs or insurance to pay
  • Travel further faster than conventional bike
  • Zero emissions so more environmentally friendly  
  • More fun than commuting on the number 73 bus
  • Cheaper in the long run


Photo of the popular Econic One Comfort electric, commuter style e-bike

Econic One Comfort commuter style electric bike

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Do I need to take a test or pay road tax?

No and No. All our electric bikes are UK legal so can be used on UK roads or anywhere traditional bikes can be ridden. No tax or insurance is required to use the bike - buy a bike and then ride the bike.


What to look for if you're looking for an electric bike for commuting?

Commuter style electric bikes tend to have a more upright, comfortable riding position. They may either have a frame with a top tube or a more traditional Dutch style or step through frame. The wheels and tyres and components on the bike will road bike specific for maximum comfort and speed. A mudguards, a rear rack for your luggage and lights may also be fitted as standard.


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If you're just starting to look at e-bikes it can be confusing and some what daunting with all the different types of bike and all the terminology that's associated with them, so where do you start? We suggest heading over to our Learning Centre where we have a section on the different styles of electric bikes.

Learning Centre: Styles of electric bikes 


Once you have read through the guide you will have some basic understanding of e-bikes and may also have an idea as to the style of bike you're interested in, that's great! If you're eager to learn more then we have another guide that covers how electric bikes work, and brief discussions on the components that make an electric bike work and what they do. While you don't necessarily need to know these details when looking it's useful to have an understanding so that when you're looking through bike specifications it starts to make sense. 

Learning Centre: electric bike components

For the complete range of commuter style electric bikes from Horizon Micromobility visit here: Full range of commuter electric bikes

We'll also love to hear from you, answer any questions you may have and look forward to book you in for a test ride.

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