E-bike and e-scooter winter riding tips

Ok don't shout at us but winter is just around the corner and the summer heatwave is a distant memory. Now that it's colder you may be wondering how to look after your e-bike or scooter battery and what winter maintenance needs to be carried out.

✔️ Batteries (like me) don't like the cold, their performance (like mine) suffers. In colder weather you won't get the same range as in the summer. If possible store and charge inside. If storing your bike/scooter over winter remove battery if possible.

✔️ It's mucky out there. After each journey give your bike/scooter a wipe down. And add a little oil or grease to any unpainted screws. Don't use a pressure washer, fun they may be but they will wreck anything electric.

✔️ Check your brakes are functioning correctly and replace the pads if worn. This is a very simple task - contact us if you need assistance.

✔️ Check tyre condition and pressures.

✔️ Make sure your lights are working .

✔️ Invest in some hi-viz clothing - make sure you're seen out there.

✔️ Gloves - dig them out from the back of the sock draw. Have me missed anything? If so let us know.

electric scooter and e-bike winter maintenance tips

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