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Electric bikes have come a long way in recent years. It wasn't all the long ago when the only e-bikes were normal bikes with a batteries mounted on or under the rear pannier. 

Then things move on "slightly" and the battery was moved to the down tube, where you would normally expect to see a water bottle.

Now in 2021 e-bikes are designed from the drawing board as an e-bike. This now allows for the battery to be fully enclosed, or integrated into the bike's frame. But if required the battery can still be removed.

At first glance you wouldn't easily be able to spot that these are e-bikes as they don't have the tell-tale signs of a visible battery.

Bike design has come on so much in recent years that it's now possible to buy a bike for a specific type of cycling, be that an emtb (electric mountain bike), an electric road bike or an electric commuter bike. It's now possible to buy a Dutch style or step through framed bike. In the UK we tend to call these bikes "girl" bikes as the frame allows riders to wear a dress or skirt in comfort. However anyone who has been to Amsterdam or Copenhagen will see this type of bike all over the cities and ridden by males as well as females. 

Using an electric bike for commuting is a great way to save on the use of running a car and car parking or to save on the ever increasing cost of commuting by public transport.

Having the motor assist the rider with carious degrees of assistance means the rider can arrive at their work place not all hot and sweaty as with as conventional bike. 

But you don't have to have the motor assist you. On the way home you may wish to combine your commute with a bit of a workout, so you can turn the assist level down or totally off and ride the e-bike as a "normal" bike.

If you wish to discuss your e-bike requirements of would like to arrange a test ride then get in touch. Contact and chat details available on website. We're also able to offer a promo/discount code so drop us a message and we'll email back a money off code.

The Lyssa step through frame electric bike

step through frame e-bikestep through frame e-bike
step through frame e-bike

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