Decision on legal status of e-scooters promised

There are over 30 current trials of e-scooters running across the UK. It's data and evidence from these trials that will determine if e-scooters should be legalised.

Use of private e-scooters such as the Turboant X7 Pro remains illegal on public roads and cycle ways in the UK. However you don't need to go far to see that the law is largely ignored. With users choosing to use e-scooters for their daily commute to those in rural settings just popping down to the village store.

The police are tending to take a soft approach at present to those choosing to use private e-scooters with only those being reckless, anti-social, or downright dangerous (remember the case of the e-scooter on the M3 motorway) receiving a punishment harsher than a ticking off. 

The trials will run until the Autumn of 2021, the Department of Transport has then promised a decision by April 2022. Evidence from the trials will be used to make a decision on whether and how they may be legalised. 

The full report can be found here

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